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The massive waste water problem that currently pollutes our bathing waters costing £billions to process throughout the world can be used to irrigate and reforest desert coastlines to induce rainfall.

Our aim is to use the return ballast capacity of super crude carriers which currently transport sea water half way around the world at great financial and environmental cost. This ballast is discharged into the sea, often introducing invasive marine species which affects the stability of indigenous species of flora and fauna.

The E.U. is legislating against this practice and tanker operators will be forced to seek an alternative.

Operation OASIS offers an exciting opportunity for ballast water. Transporting treated waste water to irrigate and reforest arid coastlines to induce rainfall has to be the way forward.

One tanker loaded with 300000 cubic meters of treated waste water would support 57 hectares of forest for a whole year.

Reclaiming deserts to enable people to feed themselves and grow great forests will offset the carbon emissions from shipping.

With global food shortages upon us we are already feeling the strain on our pockets in the developed world and renewable resources are in rapid decline. Drought is affecting all major food producing countries and wells are running dry. Water scarcity poses major problems for us and our children. We need to act fast in order to avert a major global catastrophe.

When the mighty river Amazon dries up and it's fish stocks die it is time to take stock on how we manage our fragile environment. For more detailed information visit our website and forum at:

Friday, 27 May 2011

Operation OASIS finds first African partner – Dr Newton Jibunoh The Desert Warrior!

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Exciting news!

Following a meeting yesterday in Chelsea, London, African NGO,   Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE)  has agreed to become a partner to Operation OASIS.
An exploratory meeting between members of the OASIS network and Dr Newton Jibunoh and his FADE team revealed close synergies between our two projects: FADE's goal is to establish a wall of trees along the fringes of the desert in successive rows;  Operation OASIS seeks to establish tree belts on desert coasts to allow airborne moisture to cross onto the land, carrying rain clouds into arid interiors.
OASIS and FADE teams link arms to fight the desert
OASIS and FADE teams join up to fight the desert

Shared goals

Terms will be agreed for a way forward which will emphasise:
A shared commitment to promoting the reversal of  desertification as a way to counteract climate change
A recognition that the most devastating social ills stem from desertification - displacement, illiteracy, poverty,  tribal conflicts, food shortage and environmental degradation.
Appeals for funding pilot demonstrations of Operation OASIS to  maximise desert reclamation by re-establishing forests and crops in a moist rather than dry environment.

Dr  Newton Jibunoh, Desert Warrior and founder of FADE, Africa
Dr Newton Jibunoh, Desert Warrior and founder of FADE, Africa

The  Doctor says, “Desertification  is the primary cause of Climate Change!”

Dr Newton C. Jibunoh is a world-renowned environmentalist popularly known as “The Desert Warrior”.  He founded FADE Africa to plant millions of trees with a group of volunteers to reclaim and resettle lands taken by the desert, in the northern parts of Nigeria bordering the Sahara desert, starting with kano, Borno and Yobe states. He resettles the  reclaimed lands with people by establishing schools and training programs for the teachers, setting up cottage industries, clean water, electricity, etc, and thereby curbing migration.
Operation OASIS is also a voluntary project,  founded by engineer and inventor Andrew K  Fletcher, who attended the meeting along with OASIS team member Craig Embleton of the Green Frontier. The OASIS solution proposes the reforestation of desert coasts to allow airborne moisture to cross onto the land, carrying rain clouds into arid interior. Excess wastewater will be salvaged from sewage processing and used to irrigate coastal tree belts.  The aim is the reversal of desertification and establishment of  agroforestry and eco-affluent societies.

A voice from the desert

The project is sponsored by the voluntary action of the FREdome Visionary Trust. Founder of the Hertofordshire based grass roots community group Greg Peachey said:
FREdome is all about finding a shared way forward. Now we need to communicate the relevance of this project to non-desert nations. We need to unlock international co-funding to finance practical action.
In Dr Newton we are delighted  to find a powerful advocate for our message.  In his lifetime, he has witnessed the Sahara desert's insatiable advance that constantly devours farms and villages, forcing people to abandon their homelands and migrate to already overpopulated cities.
The Operation OASIS network is uniting scientists, community organisers, local authorities, development agencies and communications professionals in staging a bid for funding from the EU Life + Communications Programme. Should it be successful, the network would have the resource to communicate our ideas worldwide and find partners to work on a demonstration of the system.


FADE Africa is an international non-governmental organisation (ngo) accredited to the  United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development. Find out more at
Find out more at the Operation OASIS website .

Help us keep going! Back our bid for £5000 from the Co-op.

This money would keep our OASIS network going until we can get proper funding - we are all volunteers, currently we receive no funding from any source.

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